Sunday, August 24, 2008

V8 Ride

I had a chance to have a ride in a V8 supercar ride car this week. I got 3 laps of Winton Raceway. It was OK but a lo of spinning tyres going around corners sideways etc... I would rather have had a ride in the ute as the lucky few who got to ride in that got laps where it went round full speed - much more like it ;-)

So that was a 3 hour drive to Winton, and then I came back via a good scrapbooking store in Shepparton ;-)

The Monaro was FILTHY by the end of the day - well it was grubby anyway and with all the bugs on the Highway it just finished it off! So yesterday I had it cleaned (We still can't do it ourselves due to the water restrictions) and I had it polished and the leather seats done as well - as the blue from my jeans comes off on them. It was just so lovely to get back into it clean agin, and the shine - beautiful!


Sarah said...

You go getter Greta. Glad you had fun and poor old monaro... I hope you mean insect bugs and not the VW type on the highway.. I would be offended you know.

Jen Crossley said...

Is that a ford??