Sunday, September 28, 2008

House Collab book

Another page done, and again not the theme for the month!

Dragons Den

HAve just completed this page (Thanks Liz for your artistic input!) I found this page a real challenge - having to work with a dragon! And No I don't mean Liz LOL. Took me ages to find an image I could work with. And the sad thing - it isn't even one of the pages I should be doing this month- ops! ANyway I know the next 9 months will be busy at work so I am just trying to get all my pages done early ;-)

HAd a great day at Liz's yesterday with Kathy and Debbie - not that I got a great deal done! But still I made a start to my calendar swap and I got this page started as well.

Next week I am off to Uni to learn SAP - not happy jan - but what can you do? At least it will be nice to be out of the office...........

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spring is here!

It is a gorgeous weekend here - yesterday mid 20's - but I am not kidding myself that winter is over. It is nice to have summer poking her nose in to Spring though!

My irises are out! They are such a beautiful rich colour.

I am hoping this week might be a bit easier at work, I have no helpdesk calls outstanding and I am hoping the new Payroll/HR project wont be to the forefront this week, so I can catch up on a few other things!
I managed to get away from work at 3:30 on Friday and went down into the city. It was so warm and NICE to be away from the office early....

House Collab Book

Kylie Mell is running a House Collab Book. I have finished Gails page this morning - her theme Vintage Men....

And this afternoon I have finished the page for Nikki Blowers - whose theme was glass house. I took the clear from glass and constructed my page from transparencies and used some of the "thick" transparency that craft items come packed in. I have been collecting these packs for ages as I knew I would eventually use it! The brown pattern down the bottom is like stickytape, but it has bubbled a bit despite my best endeavours :-( I had to use the photo turns so that I could add my details ;-)

Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Friend....

I made this on the weekend for a friend who is having a birthday soon......