Friday, September 27, 2013


Gulliver continues to settle in and about a month ago I felt like he had really accepted me as his Mumma. A lot more Gulliver cuddles (not like Jasmine cuddles) and he acknowledges me entering the room. Such a cute boy.  His favourite food is yogurt and I find it is easier to serve him some first if I want any peace. The other night I thought he had a full tummy, having polished off the rest of his breakfast and his dinner. But oh no while I was eating my yogurt

he sat at attention watching every mouthful. He is obsessed with it!


On the way home I spent a few days in Sydney.  No trip to Sydney is complete without a visit to the Rocks Button Shop and I found another fabulous shop in Newtown! I also went whale watching and we followed 2 young whales for about an hour. Caught up with a couple of friends too!

Donna Downey Workshops

I attended four Donna Downey Workshops in NSW earlier this month.  Donna is a great giving teacher and such a lovely warm character.  LOVE her to bits.  I am trying to get her to Melbourne next year so if you are interested please join my facebook group!