Sunday, August 24, 2008

V8 Ride

I had a chance to have a ride in a V8 supercar ride car this week. I got 3 laps of Winton Raceway. It was OK but a lo of spinning tyres going around corners sideways etc... I would rather have had a ride in the ute as the lucky few who got to ride in that got laps where it went round full speed - much more like it ;-)

So that was a 3 hour drive to Winton, and then I came back via a good scrapbooking store in Shepparton ;-)

The Monaro was FILTHY by the end of the day - well it was grubby anyway and with all the bugs on the Highway it just finished it off! So yesterday I had it cleaned (We still can't do it ourselves due to the water restrictions) and I had it polished and the leather seats done as well - as the blue from my jeans comes off on them. It was just so lovely to get back into it clean agin, and the shine - beautiful!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I'm not a big fan of Halloween, but the lovely Sarah is, and is running a swap on arty_oz. SO here is my entry..
As you see the sewing machine is still out ;-)

I haven't been blogging much lately as work has been

very stressful. I just start to pick myself up from one thing and BANG and I get hit with another! I think I am starting to get desentistised a little at last!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Giving and Receiving

They say it is more blessed to give than receive. Normally I would agree with that but when you are on the receiving end of something from Stephanie Lee, well.... Can't wait for her class nest year!!

The pink cows and card are for a work colleague who gave birth (very prematurely) to two delightful little girls - Charlotte and Madeline. The pregancy had been very difficult, as there was some concern for one of the babies. They were born at around 26 weeks and weighed around 1200 grams. That was mid June and the healthier one (Charlotte) is expected home next week and Madeline a couple of weeks later.
I got out my sewing machine to use on the card. Last time I had the machine out I had loads of problems with it. But I reset the tension and threaded the needle correctly - and it worked like a charm!