Sunday, August 03, 2008

Giving and Receiving

They say it is more blessed to give than receive. Normally I would agree with that but when you are on the receiving end of something from Stephanie Lee, well.... Can't wait for her class nest year!!

The pink cows and card are for a work colleague who gave birth (very prematurely) to two delightful little girls - Charlotte and Madeline. The pregancy had been very difficult, as there was some concern for one of the babies. They were born at around 26 weeks and weighed around 1200 grams. That was mid June and the healthier one (Charlotte) is expected home next week and Madeline a couple of weeks later.
I got out my sewing machine to use on the card. Last time I had the machine out I had loads of problems with it. But I reset the tension and threaded the needle correctly - and it worked like a charm!


Gail said...

Love the card Gretz and the necklace is to die for. Lucky you!!!

Judy said...

Thats necklace is awesome!

Cecile Nichols said...

Greta, you are a very lucky gal to have received such beautiful gifts from Stephanie! Amazing!! And, how lucky that you get to take a workshop given by her!


Jen Crossley said...

That Necklace is mine girlfriend when you go you know that LOL ANd you will have my gun one.
Awesome card Greta it is so beautiful
PS enjoy your necklace if it gets to heavy around your neck let me know