Saturday, May 10, 2008

A visit to Jane's apartment at LAST!

My friend Jane moved into her $million plus apartment in Beacon Cove (Port Melbourne) a few months ago and I finally got to see it last night. Now that I go to work via the picturesqe beach road, I pass her unit everyday!

The views from the decent sized balcony are stunning. Shame I was having problems with the settings on my camera, so the photos are very average (I'm sorry!). When you look out the lounge and master bedroom windows you can see the shipping lanes. At night they are lite up like a runway - quite amazing. While I was there the Spirit of Tasmania backed out of her mooring and disappeared into the horizon.
Jane has 2 siamese cats (A brother and sister) and that is Princess Lulu cuddled up in the mohair nest. When the weather cooled the cats starting seaching the new apartment for the gas furnace (that was in the old house) so Jane came up with the "nest" for them to curl up in, instead.
Later we went down to the basement as Jane wanted me to photograph some trunks she is selling. Mercs, Lotus, Jag XK8 - I was in heaven....

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Jen Crossley said...

Wow what a awesome view Looks very nice