Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Shoes

Well I have to admit that I nearly wet myself when I saw Michelle Ward's shoes on Judy's blog.
Anyway I found a pair which I am hoping are my size on ebay. I got the seller to measure inside the shoe, the they seem the right size. Well if they are too small i'll just have my toes amputated!
Aren't they just divine!!!!!!


Jen Crossley said...

Very cool Greta cant wait to see you in them

NessH said...

love the shoes Greta...they are just so Andy Warhol....what would u wear with them...???

michelle ward said...

Waaaaaaaaaaah! How cool that you found a pair already! Hope you win and hope they fit! Keep me posted.

Gaby Bee. said...

These shoes are very unique. Love them too Greta!

janandderek said...

Awesome shoes Greta I could see how you could not resist them