Thursday, January 03, 2008

No photos today ... well not yet anyway..

I have had wonderful mail this week - an exciting Christmas package from my friend Kathy in the USA. Always generously filled with wonderful bits and pieces. Lots of bind-all bits for the bind-all that has hardly been out of it's box!

Swaps have been arriving...... A fantastic package from Linda in the USA with her puzzle and little houses swap and a load of other goodies for yours truly! My puzzles are nearly done. And I am so pleased with them - except they are a little warped (like me). I did put the paint on paper first before putting it on the puzzle pieces so not quite sure what has happened there!

As i don't have any photos today have a look here:

this is a pretty fishy tale

and then I found this story along with Michelle Wards new challenge which has made me think I need to start a visual journal. A good start would be the envelope Linda sent her swaps in, the stamped images and handwriting is beautiful! Thanks Linda

I found anothe blog today Karen Cole but I might have known that Jenny Crossley has been there before me!

and look at these little cuties!

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Linda Cain said...

Don't ya love Michelle Ward?!?!? She makes me want to do a journal, too!