Sunday, December 09, 2007

I had a fantastic day yesterday with my friend Ottie! It started on Friday night, when I caught up with friends Ottie and jane for dinner. JAne has just bought an apartment in the Doclands - with sea views - WOW! Can't wait to see it. For those of you who have come to the MPE dinner, well the building Jane is in is on the 10th floor in the building next to the restaurant!

So after dinner, I went back to Otties and stayed the night. This is the view from her lounge room window. We had breakfast downstairs in the cafe at the ground level of her building before we headed out shopping! We were going to go into the city, but South Melbourne was just so relaxing - no big crowds but still fab shops. The weather was just gorgeous - my car outside themometer said 28C when I was heading home around 6pm. We just had the best day. Here are my spoils - the clock was a present from Ottie, she knows what a Paris nut I am. We went into a little shop called Le Metro - which is full of all things french plus handbags and costume jewellery. I forgot to add to my spols 3 fridge magnets of the Eiffel Tower at various stages of being built ;-)
I saw this joke in one of the changing rooms yesterday...
A woman comes in and see's her husband with a fly swat.
"What are you doing ?" she asks
"Hunting Flies" he replies
"and have u caught any?" she asks
"yes 3 males and 2 females he replies
"how do you know that?" she asks
He replied "Well I got the three males on the beer can while the 2 females were on the phone......"


Jen Crossley said...

You must of had a great time,shopping till you dropped.
Love the Paris clock

Sharon said...

Wow, what an amazing view! Love the joke, lol.

cain81 said...

Cute, really cute!