Saturday, October 20, 2007

These Little Beauties were made by Jenny Crossley ;-)

Can't get enough of them?
Then join this swap! You don't have to use the Collections Houses but I do ask that you make them no narrower then 15mm and no taller than 110mm. So far we have Debbie, L, Kathy T, me, Ness H, Teresa A, Glial, Gisele and Linda signed up. I have added a link to Linda's blog. Her little Houses are to die for ;-). But if you join this swap then you will not need to die for them!

You will need to sign up by the end of October (just email me and I will send you the address to send them to) and have them in Australia by Jan 10th. Please make one for each person and you can make them all the same or all different or a mixture, whatever takes your fancy .

The other requirement is - nothing cutesy!

Look forward to hearing from YOU!


cain81 said...

I can hardly wait...never sent anything to Austalia. You girls are absolutely the best!
Linda Cain

Angela Sturm said...

I love these little houses !