Sunday, October 14, 2007

I've only had it 2 months.... Had loads of ideas as to what I was going to do, once I got the Collab book etc out of the way... Then when I was at MPE I bought the tree, as I loved it, and knew I could work it in with bird theme somehow. Then today, Debbie L invited me down to play with her and Kathy T, so I grabbed some paper, some new Collections houses, some new stamps and was on my way. And this is the result. Not bad for someone with a lingering migraine? I am really happy with it anyway and I hope Teresa will be too. Also used some of the plethora of rubons I have accumulated ;-)


Gail said...

Its gorgeous, How on earth am I going to compete with that one, maybe someone else can go next.

Teresa said...

Greta I love it! I wish everyone would hurry up and finish in my book so it can come home. I can't wait!

bockel24 said...

Known as a bird lover, of course I love this piece!