Sunday, September 16, 2007

I love this little girl! So I decided to use her for my Aqua swap - just one problem - she was wearing a green dress! But that problem was easily solved with photoshop......

She really was having a really bad hair day so I added a crown... and she is a little insipid so some vibrant wings added a spark!

Don't seem to have much time to blog lately..

last weekend, I managed to finish one of my front gardens. It had got so over grown, with my bad back, I had just let it go. So I cleared it a few weeks ago and last weekend, I planted some new lavenders , and gave it a border of lobelia, so hopefully in a month or two I can put a pretty garden on my blog!

When Pete and I built the garden, we left a (small) tree stump in it as Jassie used it to sharpen her claws (when it was a tree in the lawn) But once it was in a garden and with the rest of the tree gone, she lost interest. It took me 2 weekends to get it out, but it was a good feeling to thrown that stump in the garden recycle bin!


Teresa said...

Lovely Greta! But I'm not so sure that it's aqua. Looks more like blue to me. It's nice all the same!

Jen Crossley said...

Very Nice greta I love it.
Sounds like you have been busy in the garden

Judy said...

thanks for my blog comment - you gotta admit that its a tossup which car is cooler - the ute that transported "Numbers" and the one on your blog title??? LOL