Friday, October 06, 2006

I started renovating my unit almost 2 years ago... 18 months ago my friend Pete and I ripped the shower out, but of course me being me didn't want any ordinary shower to replace it, so between having problems finding a tradey who shared my vision of what I wanted my bathroom to look like and the saga of my back problems - it has turned into the renovation-from-hell. But anyway i think it's back on track and when it's finished , it will hopefully have a big WOW! factor!

Hmmnn nice yellow - goes with my lounge suite! That is just the water proofing compund and it pongs!!!! It will be so nice to have a shower again. It will be a little way off yet as I want to have glass splashbacks...but at least progress is being made!

More of my renovations can be found in an album here

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