Sunday, October 01, 2006

Well my craft room is finally finished! All that remains is to finish organising it. i love my new tele!

I am trying to teach Jasmine to sit where she is sitting now, but she just LOVES to stand between the keyboard and the screen.

Note the step stool in the corner of the photo. I had a letter from the vet recently reminding me her shots are due. She is classed as a geriatric now! - not that I have told her that. I keep the step stool nearby as I don't like her jumping down on to the concrete. I have noticed that she is slowing down a bit and she is starting to get some stiffness. Well she is "70'!


Charlene McNally said...

Jasmine looks like she fits right into your color scheme!Very nice studio. :)

Kari said...

Your computer corner is fab and Jasmine is posing beautifully as cats are so good at doing! Mine tends to walk all over the keyboard and type gibberish - well that is my excuse anyway, LOL!

Kari x