Monday, June 09, 2014

RIP my beautiful Babies

My heart is still heavy. It's 3 weeks since i learnt my babies were to die. Once they got back to the Shelter, 3 of them showed symptoms of ringworm again, so the shelter made the decision to kill them all. I cant begin to tell you the pain it has caused me, the fact that i wasnt given the option to adopt any of them, the fact that they took a further 3 days to let me know that they had all died. i am disgusted by the excuse given, the fact that they tried to sugar coat it using the term "euthanaese". To them they were just numbers, but to me they all had names and personalities - The Fab 4 who I had for 3 months - Lucy the head strong adventurer, Molly the needy one who cried for attention, Elsa the one with the pointy little face who was cuddly too , Felix the most beautiful of them all who had a gorgeous personality and loved to play with the babies and suckle on the sheepskin rug, then there were the babies Dot named as she was such a tiny Dot when she came to me, such a sweet little girl who growled when she had food she loved or a toy she loved and would carry the toy around in her mouth (which Felix would do as well), and her sister Rosie, who had a funny little face with ET ears who loved her bed and was always up for a scrap!
but if the shelter think it is over then they have another think coming. I am hoping to show them that there are better ways to handle ringworm. I feel i owe my babies that much and I don't want them to have died in vain.....

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