Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ballarat 2012

Just had the most amazing week @Ballarat with Marjolein Dallinga.  (pronounced Mario line) Not only is she an amazing artist but she is a wonderful teacher and has a wonderful heart.  I was sad to say goodbye to her and my fellow classmates. We had such fun. I found the class really full on and along with a few others stayed back until after 9 each night (the security guard had to kick us out!) to catch up and be ready for the next day. We chatted, laughed and of course felted!  I have made some wonderful friends and a couple of them are acomplished artirsts in their own right. The quiet Pam who has been published in a book with Marjolein! and produced some beautiful work. She brought with her a beautiful felt and silk dress she had made, which fitted Marjolein perfectly. A photo of Marjolein wearing it should appear on Pam's site at some stage! Then there was the bubbly Gill who had a stall of amazing scraves at the traders nights. Marjolein took a fancy to one, so our class bought it for her as a present!


C. Geertsen said...

What a wonderful class that must have been!

lindacreates said...

Sounds wonderful! Please share what you made.