Sunday, June 27, 2010

How do you store your collections?

While the organisation of my house may leave a lot to be desired, the organisation of my Collections doesn't!  The chipboard is all sorted and stored in plastic compartmentised (is that a word??) containers .  But the paper well.. it was sorted and kept in the 6x6 bags that they came in, in a drawer.. not very satisfactory.  So on Friday night I spied this nice album at Scraptacular. I love albums that I can decorate myself.  I was going to cut it down to 6x6, but it had the "long" page holders in it and  as you can see these hold some of the paper products beautifully!  So I bought more 6x6 page protectors for the Collections paper :o) They are all sorted into colours, so it's easy to flip through....
Had a really enjoyable day at Scraptacular today.  Made the spools for my kit and then covered the album.  I had searched through my stash last night agonising over what to cover it , but Scraptacular had some Periphery paper in stock (one of my fav's) so -  decision made :o)

Thanks to Julie from Scraptacular for the beginings of my Angel ;-)

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