Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Page - Arty_OZ Collab Book 2009

Each year Arty_oz creates a Collaborative book. The book really is a fine showcase of the talent within the group.

Last year there were 32 pages, which was a big ask and also a big job to collate and make covers for. This year there are 16, which makes the whole task a lot less arduous!
This is my page for this year. Featuring four "WASP"s, an image I found on the internet. I had seen it on a flickr site, but the artist was not willing to give her source. But after a lot of searching on the net I found it! Not that hard when yoi know where to look ;-)


Lucy said...

Beautiful Page Greta!

Jen Crossley said...

Just stunning I really love this Greta I mean it Stunning

KBeau said...

I love it. You're in the fast lane, while I'm in the slow lane. Ha!! Love those flowering gum trees that you talked about. Those must be beautiful.

My friends across the street have a son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren in Melbourne. They will be visiting here next month.

When I was in elementary school, I had a penpal from Melbourne. I still remember her name--Nola Sturdivant.

Susie Jefferson said...

This is brilliant! What a miserable so'n'so not to share the flickr source. This is really atmospheric too. I really enjoyed looking.

Thanks for visiting me, and so glad the blog tips helped.

Femmy said...

what a great page!!!
thanks for visiting my blog.

Ozstuff said...

Thanks for your comment on my tongue-in-cheek 100th birthday!! I love your blog and I especially love this one as luscious vintage is my favourite type of artwork. It is difficult to believe that someone who has found an image in the public domain and then posts it at Flickr considers that she has some sort of copyright to it. Good for you in setting off to find it in another place. Cheers from Marie, aka Ozstuff.

Viola said...