Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm back!

Well I hope I am!

I am tired of work ruling my life! 62 hours last week 55 the week before and mostly 40-55 for ages. I AM OVER it, especially when there are people who sit near me that do sweet FA and others who rort the system working from home and then "their internet isn't working" or they are too tired.. so they are working from home.... such a load of CR*P! I vented my spleen to the Department Manager on Friday.

Anyway I have done a little bit of creating this weekend.. some tiles for a collab project and also a much overdue present off to Michelle Ward!


Jen Crossley said...

looks beautiful Greta sorry your working so much

michelle ward said...

hey missy! it took some detective work to find out who this lovely pressie was from....but i found you!! thank you my dear for the special surprise, i am wearing them now and will think of you when i see them in my drawer. you didn't write a message but i heard it just the same. the packaging with rosey ribbon and pretty tag is gorgeous. and these pink socks are the yummiest things. thank you. xo