Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well JVO heads back to Perth today :-(

It was lovely to see her. I managed to actually finish one class piece for a change!

I didn't get many of my 3D boxes made however :-( Nevermind, I wanted to copy more the ones from the morning class that I didn't get in to which I am still a bit annoyed about!
Have had a big week with working 53 hours . I'm still a bit tired, but I need to do a couple of things today :-(
Now what are the books? Well you might ask. I met Jenni at a scraptacular 3D houses class and when I emailing her about JVO's class I invited her to stay. Unfortunately with the hours I had been putting in at work, I hadn't had the chance to get the room ready. Anyway she had bought me these books and gave them to me anyway. She is such a generous person!
We have decided that we will go down to Mornington one weekend and she can stay then !


Jen Crossley said...

OMG your so lucky look at those wonderful book,not to mention the class you took looks beautiful

Gail said...

Hey your class piece looks just like mine, funny about that, lucky you with the books though.

Jacky said...

Love the 3 dimensional boxes you did with JVO.
I was thinking of you while doing my class with Ro. Shame they clashed...looks like you had a great class!
Nice books...lucky you!

Judy said...

Very nice indeed.
Corey's book is wonderful.

Gisele said...

Love your workshop piece Gretz, especially the way you've wired the twigs to the house.

Joanne said...

When we have a play day you can copy our boxes, they are fantastic to play around with.