Friday, February 20, 2009

Almost Back...

Well I am slowly getting my laptop set up. FINALLY got my printer working - no thanks to Epson! They said the drivers come bundled with Vista - well NO not in my experience anyway. They had vista drivers for the scanner but none for the printer on their website. So at Dell's suggestion I downloaded the XP drivers and also ran a vista printer updater - what ever that was. So finally last night I got it working. (and yes I did have the CD that came with the printer but that didn't have vista drivers on it..)This weekends task is to buy a wireless print server and get it all that working again wirelessly!

Hopefully I will be internet enabled soon to!

I managed to salvage all my emails and address book too - no thanks to Microsoft - they are very hard to find! I borrowed a usb adapter from the helpdesk at work and was able to plug in my old hard drives to download files.
So if anyone is upgrading to Vista, I should be able to help ;-)
One of my work colleagues has given me photoshop 4! Woohoo can't wait to have a play.
I have been doing a LOT of exercise (about 40km's a week) so that doesn't leave a lot of time for much else and I am also VERY tired ;-) I am having a break from pilates as I have found that the exercise has made a big difference to my back.

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NessH said...

yahhhh...good to have u nearly back Greta....just fit in some creating time..we would love to see some more of your work...