Saturday, January 03, 2009

Something for the Lovely Audrey Underwood

I am in a 1 for 1 swap using Collections chipboard on arty_oz hosted by Vanessa. I finished this tonight at a friends shop amd came home to find I had been matched up to Audrey Underwood - oh my goodness!!! I'm glad I have finished my object de art otherwise the pressure may have been too much ;-)

The bird still needs an eye and I do have to finish the back '-)


NessH said...


WOW..this is just amazing...Audrey will just love it..anyone would love it..did I tell u my birthday is soon..haha..honestly it is beautiful...thanks for sharing and putting me to shame I havent started mine

Jen Crossley said...

This is really beautiful Greta Audree will love it

Sarah said...

Oh my Greta this is stunning. I bet Audrey will love it, if she doesnt, pass on her my address, I will gladly have that on my wall..LOL

Gail said...

Its just beautiful Greta, Lucky Audrey.