Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Great Auntie Alice

This was my Great Aunt Alice. My mother's fathers spinster sister. She was such a sweet little lady. She had polio (I think) as a child which left her with one leg shorter than the other. She never wore a built up shoe, but rather had a partcular way of standing, as she is doing in the photo.

She had a little red mini. Poor little car, she was so deaf she couldn't hear the engine and used to rev the guts out of it!

Auntie Alice will have a page dedicated to her in my "Judy" book. I took the colour photo and made it sepia. but with some photoshop trickery I left the mini red ;-)


Jen Crossley said...

Great Auntie Alice she was my favorite Aunt thats for sure I remember christmas lunch was always fun (sorry not enough coffee this morning LOL).
I Love what you did with the Red mini its gorgeous Nicole wishes she had it

Judy said...

love that red mini and the fact that you left it red - do you think you could have photoshopped the monaro into it too???

Gail said...

What a clever girl you have become to be able to do this in photoshop!!! You will have to show me how.

Teresa said...

you do some amazing things with PS. We'll have to organise a workshop one day!

Sarah said...

I'm with Teresa, a workshop perhaps in Ballarat would be fabulous..LOL Love your red mini..