Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ribbon Fettish

Those who know me well know I LOVE ribbons - I have 13 glass jars of varying sizes FULL of ribbons.

Anyway I am on a Diploma of Project Management Course (if you please) in the city at the moment and Cleggs is nearby. They have such great ribbons ;-) I also bought the ribbon charmy thingwhich will go on my French themed wall piece which I will start one day!

The beast is having a few days rest as the hotel where

the course is, is right opposite Flinders St Station. Of course the good work I am doing with walking to the station (at my end) is negated by the good food and lollies (candy for the Americans) on the course.

We are having some gorgeous autumn weather, so the walk is very pleasant.

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Ro Bruhn said...

Ah I know Cleggs well, they also have great buttons, I bought some beautiful carved mother of pearl buttons from there, a few months ago.