Saturday, February 23, 2008

Junk Glorious Junk!

What would a trip out with Jen be without a bus trip photo! As you seee Jen (with glasses) was wearing her support hose and sensible shoes.

We managed to buy (between us) a whole box of watch bits so we will have a few bits for sale, so keep your eyes peeled for those. I went mad on keys (as usual) so will have a few of those for sale too.

The medical diary is a crack up, have already got a few atc's in mind using bits out of it.
Excellent Day out ;-)


Gail said...

What a great lot of junk you got there love the look of all those clocks and other bits and pieces and is that another tape measure, I can see????? LOL

NessH said...

Greta guys certainly did the clocks and keys

Jen Crossley said...

We were up to our arm pits in junk,Had a great time and yes Gail another tape measure LOL.I was so glad to get home and take off those damn support hose off,talk about weggie might

Wendy said...

You are VERY lucky that you live far away. If you were close...I'd just drive over & steal these goodies.
What a stash!! VERY cool indeed!

Gisele said...

Wow...what fabulous loot the pair of you scored.....when I'm next in Oz, I'm so coming down to Melbourne & going junking with the pair of you......that's if you'l have me....pretty please?

Judy said...


I love it all. lucky ladies.