Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I stopped in at Paper Heaven tonight and couldn't help myself - all these ribbons from the US! The vine is so gorgeous. I think it may find it's way onto my next puzzle swap.
And they say you learn something new every day ... well today I had some yummy strawberrys for lunch. Later in the afternoon and looked down and I had dribbed strawberry juice on my cardigan - B*GGAR! So I had a quick look on the net and the consensus seemed to be BOILING water! We have a boiling water tap at work, so I took the cardigan off and stretched the stain out carefully so as not to burn myself - and it worked! I couldn't believe my eyes!

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cain81 said...

I LOVE those ribbons!!! I have green, lime green, brown, silver, but not that wonderful black one!