Sunday, July 08, 2007

Well what a great way to spend a Sunday. I had two lovely ladies come over today - Gail Smith and Kathy Thompson and

we played with canvases and wax. We all fell in love with the smell, the fun and the beauty of collage and wax. I think I was a bit close with the camera :-( but anyway you get the idea f our creations. We all managed to make a few atc's too, but those really didn't photograph well.

Thanks for coming over gals I had such a good time, and now I will finally get some use from my wax and clover iron!


Teresa said...

These look excellent ladies! I don't think they're lovely at all ;)

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous as are the other pieces created by your friends. Wax is one thing that I haven't tried yet but I always love the look.