Saturday, March 24, 2007

After a great class with Lance from Rusty Pickles last night and then glued to the Ten Seconds Studio DVD until 2am, we finally got on the road to Mornington. Jen forgot to bring her hat, but thankfully didn't forget her glasses.

We warmed up our credit cards at Paper2, then after a slight detour found the first antique store. There was lots of ooows and ah's as we moved around the big warehouse finding all sorts of goodies. When we came to pay Jen had spent $69.00 (say no more) and I had spent $69.50!.

We refuelled our energy with a yummy toasted sandwich, some fruit juice and a slice of apple cake to die for (each), at the cafe next door before we took off to the coolstores.

Again we found loads of treasures and agin we spent within $1.00 of each other ;-)

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