Thursday, December 14, 2006

The damn shower screens were supposed to go in today, but the supplier has mucked up my order and about half the deliveries made yesterday to my screenguy.. The screen guy was almost out of his mind when he rang me last night.He had a builder expecting to hand over a house in the next day or so, so that builder was pretty mad. I was the third person he called and I think the first two had given him a pretty hard time. I didn't see much point. He wasn't the one to have screwed up. I have to put another coating of antislip sealer on the shower floor which I will do today. When that dries,I am going to put some duct tape (very strong) where the holes for the screen hinges are to go, so water doesn't get in behind the glass. And just start using the damn thing. I have a ton of old towels I will use to catch the splashes! I JUST WANT TO USE MY SHOWER!!!!

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