Sunday, November 09, 2008


The very talented Judy Wilkenfield taught her Fair Maiden of Perth class this weekend. It was an amazing class (although I don't have a lot to show for my weekends work) but I am determined to finish the book!

To see Judy's amazing work close up was just FANTASTIC. Her work is just stunning - so many layers.

Thanks to Kathy and Marg for arranging he class, and thanks to all my talented class mates who made the class so enjoyable ( well all but a couple and I'm sure you know who you are! ;-) )

The theme of my book is my family. The shadow box hasn't come out that well in the photo but includes a photo of my Mum and Dad on their wedding day, on a backdrop of velvet. The other "page" is yet to be mounted on it's page (As I am not happy with my base pages yet), and features my mothers 5 brothers.


Sarah said...

Oh crap, me and the infamous Jen were "THAT" couple werent we??? You know you can take the girls out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girls. LOL!!!
Greta your pages and book are looking wonderful. You have the best bits you know...So good to catch up with you, wish you were closer though.. I miss your laugh already...You know where I live if you ever need a country escape..LOL

Jen Crossley said...

We had so much at the class didnt we.Your work is really beautiful Greta the photos dont do it justice.
That Sarah is a bad influence on me I used to be Lovleeey

Ro Bruhn said...

Your book's looking great Greta, hope we get to see the finished product

Kathy said...

Your pages look great Greta. I'm with Ro, hope you post the finished product. I'm glad you enjoyed the weekend, Judy was wonderful wasn't she.

Gail said...

Well of course you had a wonderful weekend, you got to sit with me!!!!LOL.

The pages look terrific and will all be waiting for the finished product.